Tattoo Sugaring/Waxing

Picture of a tattoo.  Example of tattoo sugaring and waxing with text to explain the service.

Why sugar/wax before getting a tattoo?

 Tattoo artists shave the area before tattooing. As we know, hair begins to grow back within a day causing stubble and the skin may become bumpy and itchy. The result may be unnecessary irritation and discomfort. 

Benefits of sugaring/waxing before a tattoo:

Sugaring/Waxing exfoliates the skin while removing all hair, giving the artist a fresh canvas to work with! Hair doesn’t grow back for several weeks giving the skin more time to heal after the tattoo without bothersome hair. The result is less irritation and discomfort! 

Benefits of sugaring/waxing after a tattoo:

Exfoliation and hydration are two important steps in maintaining a tattoo. Tattoo Sugaring/Waxing has been designed to gently exfoliate the skin, which helps to brighten dull tattoos. And, smooth, hair-free skin enhances the appearance of tattoos!

Note: We never sugar/wax over damaged skin. And, of course, you must never sugar/wax over a tattoo until is 100% completely healed.