Our massages tackle everything from everyday stress, achy muscles, sports and work injuries to relief and relaxation.  Texas Sports Massage and Day Spa in Plano

You don't have to be an athlete to get the massage you need here at Texas Sports Massage and Day Spa. We offer all types of massage for all types of muscle issues. There are numerous causes of muscle irritation such as work stress, life stress, damage, and over use. We even assist in the rehabilitation of atrophied (muscle degeneration) muscles due to stroke, injury and other health issues.

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Need a mix of therapy? Maybe you just want your neck and back worked on? Therapeutic massage is a mix of bodywork and therapeutic modalities to help you relax, relieve and restore yourself!  

30/60/90/120 Minutes

Deep Tissue massage for myofascial release focuses on aligning the deep layers of muscles and connective tissue (called fascia) through kneading and applying slow, intense pressure. Benefits include improved range of motion, improved posture, stress and pain relief.  
60/90/120 Minutes

A firm to deep massage for the neuromusculoskeletal system for the active sport on the go. Relieve sore muscles and benefit from stretches which elongate the muscle tissue, includes joint mobilization and joint manipulation.  Increase circulation, unlock myofascial restriction, improve range of motion! 
30/60/90 Minutes

During a hot stone massage the therapist heats stones of varying sizes to 120–140º F, rubs them over your oiled body, and rests them on top of and beneath you—on your stomach, in your palms, on your back. The stones’ warmth enhances the relaxing effects of the pressure. Some people believe the stones have healing, grounding qualities, which makes hot stone massage a more profound experience than your basic massage. The therapist will leave some of the smooth, heated massage stones in contact with your body and use others to massage you.
60/90/120 Minutes

Short on time or just want to relax together? We offer couples massage with two therapy tables side by side in one room.  You may select separate rooms if you prefer.  One hour later, two relaxed people!  What could be better?  Please call in for your appointment if you have questions booking this service online. 
60, 90 or even 120 Minutes

Provided for mommies-to-be from 14 weeks to labor.  Pre-natal massages are a wonderful way to relieve the aches and pains and stresses of pregnancy.  Given in a safe and comfortable side-lying position, this session allows you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of every day life and focuses on YOU.  *High risk pregnancies will require a doctor's release.
60/90/120 Minutes

Whether you suffer from tension headaches, migraines, or inflamed sinuses, come in and enjoy a personally tailored session that focuses on your head, neck, shoulders and face to ease your pain and suffering. Add cold stone therapy for reduced inflammation and increased relief!
30/60/90 Minutes 

Massage Add-Ons

Hot Stone Treatment
Indulge in a little extra relaxation with the addition of hot stones.  Allow the heat to penetrate your muscles and enable your therapist to work deeper without the pain, increasing relief and enjoyment of your session.

Cold Stone Therapy
Add cold stone therapy to any massage to aid in headache and sinus pain relief.

Aroma Therapy (Free)
Aroma Therapy will be provided upon request. 

Why Licensed Massage Therapists prefer the term Massage Therapist

States (like Texas) that regulate massage generally require practitioners to graduate from massage school, pass a licensing exam, pay a licensing fee and earn continuing education units in order to maintain licensure. Most massage therapists purchase liability insurance as well. Strict codes of conduct must be adhered to, and therapists who are found to have acted outside the law can lose their license.   

Why not the terms Masseur and Masseuse?

The titles masseur and masseuse (the feminine form of the word masseur) have a long and colorful history related to massage. Both terms were used to describe men and women, respectively, who provided massage in exchange for payment. But these terms, especially masseuse, were hijacked by irreputable women operating under the guise of “massage,” beginning in the 1950s.  Over the past 30-plus years, massage professionals have worked to help get laws enacted that protect titles that reflect their training and professional standards. Today, state laws protect titles including massage therapist, massage practitioner and massage technician.  Still, the words masseuse and masseur live on as ways of describing the kind of touch not practiced by educated massage professionals.  ‘"Masseur is to massage therapist as stewardess is to flight attendant,’”