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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear during the massage?

The simple answer is nothing!  Not everyone is comfortable with getting completely nude so we recommend undressing to your comfort level.  However, ladies, please remove your bra so that your back and shoulders can be massaged.  We assure you that whether you are male or female, you will be modestly draped during the entire massage session.

What type of massage should I book?

If this is your first time booking a massage at Texas Sports Massage, please choose one of the first visit massages with the amount of time you would like to be massaged.  Each time you have a massage, you will have a brief consultation with the massage therapist before the massage begins to determine your problem areas and any special considerations the massage therapist should know about.  The massage therapist will use all of the modalities that are necessary to help resolve your issues.  We do not charge differently for all the modalities so there will be no need to discuss any price increase.  Your massage session might include sports, deep tissue and swedish massage.  If you request an add-on service such as deluxe aroma therapy an additional fee may apply.  

Do I have to be an athelete to get a sports massage?

No, a Sports Massage typically includes stretching and firm pressure.  It is designed to elongate the muscles, mobilize joints, increase circulation, relieve myofascial restriction to improve range of motion.  We can all use that from time to time.

How much should I tip?

It is customary to tip your massage therapist and most people tip 15-20%.  However, just like eating out, you should tip based upon the service you received.  If you dont feel it was the best it could be, then you should tip accordingly.  Please notify the management here if you don't feel you received the service you deserve.

Does my insurance cover my massage?

We do accept Flex and HSA credit cards as payment for therapeutic services. Depending on your insurance plan, your massage may be covered.  However, we do not submit to insurance for you.  We will be happy to provide any documentation you may need in order to submit your claim to your insurance provider.